1 Day Sprinkler Installation System: (Cache County UT) (435) 760-0827

Phone: (435) 760-0827

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New Sprinkler Installation in 1 Day:  Not only do we do quality installations while using the best parts in the industry (Rainbird) for sprinkler system installations in the Logan, UT area, but we also will have it done in a day! Our average sprinkler installation in the Cache County, Utah area is just one day!  With every new sprinkler installation, we will do a free upgrade to a smart timer Skydrop that will save you water and time. 


Sprinkler Master Repair (Cache County UT)

Phone: (435) 760-0827

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4 thoughts on “1 Day Sprinkler Installation System: (Cache County UT) (435) 760-0827”

  1. Adrian Parkinson

    I need a quote for my home that has never had sprinkler installation. I have a small yard. Nothing to complicated or advanced. Simple and not expensive but dependable.

  2. Christian Hoopes

    Hi, I live in House Park and need a sprinkler system installed. If you can contact me via email I can send you a site map of my house and yard with measurements and other key details. Thank you.

  3. I live in Nibley I have a mapped out sprinkler system that is already trenched and I have all the sprinkler parts. I’m just wondering if you guys can do the installation? Things have come up and we won’t have time to do it. Is this something you can do and if so how much? Or are you unable to since we are not using your sprinkler parts?

    1. Sprinkler Master (Logan, UT)

      Apologies for the unbelievably late reply! We’ve had some changes in office personnel. I really hope you got your sprinkler system installed! If not, you can for sure give us a call at (435) 760-0827. I’m sure we could work something out!

      Again. Super sorry we didn’t get a timely reply to you. Hope your sprinkler system is going well and your lawn looks super green! (at least during the summer!)

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