Let Us Get Your Sprinklers Ready for the Summer!

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Get your lawn sprinklers up and running with our $85 SPRING SPRINKLER STARTUP PACKAGE! 

Our expert technicians will take care of everything with these 8 simple steps:

  1. Reseal all sprinkler plugs or drain valves
  2. Open the main stop and waste or main sprinkler valve slowly
  3. Do visual inspections of the main line, valve manifold, and back flow unit
  4. Adjust the sprinkler valves to the proper setting for your system
  5. Power up the sprinkler timer and check each zone to make sure it’s getting power
  6. Make any minor adjustments to ensure proper sprinkler operation
  7. Check each lateral line and perform a thorough examination of the supply lines
  8. Adjust the sprinkler timer to the weather for the season and program it accordingly

Our team at Sprinkler Master is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and work quality. We specialize in sprinkler repair for all types of systems and every type of lawn and garden. Don’t wait any longer to get your sprinkler system up and running!

(435) 760-0827 

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